Obtain Dual Citizenship in Dominica


The Commonwealth of Dominica passport is currently ranked as the 41st strongest passport in the world as the country was recently granted visa-free access to all Schengen States. The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program application takes three months from submission of application to issuance of the passport. It is considered the most economical second passport that allows visa-free access to the EU and the UK. You and your family will obtain an irrevocable dual citizenship and second passport without having to move away or renounce your current nationality.
The citizenship program of the Commonwealth of Dominica requires making an economic contribution to the country or an investment into a Government Approved Real Estate project.

  •   Timeline - 2 - 4 months
  • Nationalities supported - Open to all nationalities.
  • Visa free travel - Instant visa-free to 122 countries        including the Schengen States, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Investment type - Donation to Dominica’s Government or Real Estate Investment in Dominica.
  • Investment cost - USD 100,000 for single applicant or USD 200,000 for a family of 4.

Donation from $100,000
In order to qualify for Dominica citizenship, you need to make a designated, non-refundable, per person donation to the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Make a donation of $100,000 for a single person or USD 200,000 for a family of 4. In addition to the donation amount, plus you should also pay the government processing, due diligence and passport fees.

Dominica Second Passport

Why Choose Dominica for Citizenship or Second Passport

Open for all nations

Dominica offers a valuable second passport for all applicants of the world.

Visa-Free Travel
Dominica passport provides you visa-free travel to 137 countries, including Europe’s Schengen zone, the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.
Whole Family

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program now allows more dependants. Your spouse, parents, grandparents, minor and dependent children under 30 can also be included.

Fast Processing

You may get your Dominica citizenship even in 3 months. The duration mainly depends on how fast you can provide the required documents. You may get your Dominica citizenship even in 3 months. The duration mainly depends on how fast you can provide the required documents.

Benefits of Dominican Citizenship

Citizenship of Dominican

Lifestyle Benefits of Dual Citizenship

Dominica has been named as one of the world’s happiest places to live. Boasting a high number of citizens who have lived past 100, the island provides a tranquil lifestyle within a safe, peaceful, and pristine environment, and a culturally vibrant and friendly community.
Dominica is also home to Boiling Lake, the globe’s second-largest hot spring, and boasts many rare plant and animal species, including its national bird and symbol, the Sisserou Parrot. The country’s calm, clear sea provides spectacular sites for diving and snorkelling, including shipwrecks and even underwater hot springs.

Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program

Business Benefits of Dual Citizenship in Dominica

The Government of Dominica offers various fiscal incentives for entrepreneurs who wish to claim citizenship by investment to the country. These include generous tax holidays, import duty and tax waivers, and streamlined processes. A concise list of business advantages is available below, but for more information, contact Invest Dominica

  • 1. Minimal taxation – no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax, and no personal income tax for residents
  • 2. Dominica is a signatory of double taxation treaties with the USA and the CARICOM
  • 3. No restriction on repatriation of profits and imported capital
  • 4. Great incentive packages including corporate tax incentives, full exemption from import duties, tax relief benefits, and export allowance
  • 5. Dominica’s currency, the East Caribbean dollar (XCD), is pegged to the US dollar (USD) at a fixed rate
  • 6. Duty-free access to several markets across the Caribbean


Initial due diligence

Sign client agreement, complete government forms and provide supporting documentation.

MONTHS 2 – 3
Government processing

Application submitted, processing and complete due diligence.


On approval, government fees are paid and necessary contributions made.
Passports are issued.

Applying for Citizenship by Investment of Dominica

Note: When applying for Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme, the applicant will need to submit the following list of documents: Please

Conversational Form (#3)